No bathtub in the house? Only a shower?

Free shipping to

Sweden, Denmark, Finland,

Germany, Netherlands

Norway is export and you must pay

customs and expedition fees, please

contact me on mail before you buy.

(If you can drive one the road)


The tub is made in China in the material prolypopen PP5

The tub is for adults.

IF you let the CHILDREN bathing in the tub,

YOU are responsible for this,

if it happens a drowning accident


You can cancel your purchase within 14 days if you have not used the product.

Then return shipping is the customer pays for itself.

Think of the delivery of bath tubs, you get it delivered to your door.

Transport company plans run-out, calling you and decide a day.

Then you have to stay home and receive, if you do not want to put it at your own risk in your garden.

Can you not be home, so look up any other address, maybe your job?

Or if you ask their nearest store if they can receive it to you?

Should you have it delivered to another address, write an email.

To change the address after I ordered it, so there is an extra cost of SEK 150:-

If you have questions, write an email to info@villbada.se

If you don´t find your country in the order/adress , write an email to info@villbada.se

After I get your order on mail , I write a invoice to your mail, and when I see your payment I will send your order.

You pay with your own bankid , so it is a safty payment

The tub has a drain on the side.

They can be a little blotchy from casting on the inside



The dimensions are


Length down 76 cm

Length up 91 cm

Width down 44 cm

Width up 53 cm

High 65 cm

Weight 5 kg



Price for the tub

look for your

country at




New incoming color

to the family



Do you want to order?

Go to www.coolstuff.com


Company information

Sockerloppan AB / VILLBADA,se

org.nr 556703-1967


Company address


co/ Liza Grevblad

Badhusgatan 17

SE-261 30 Landskrona




phone: +46733663062